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Helpyness is constantly growing and aims to increase its network with associations in the area, voluntary initiatives and more.

The idea is to make ourselves known as much as possible and infect people with our “Helpyness”, especially through the web and new technologies.

Profiles sought:

  • Staff Editorial and Web Communication (HPS1)
  • Social Networks Specialist (HPS2)
  • Helpyness Help Desk volunteers (HPS3)
  • Android programming expert (HPS4)

We are looking for motivated people, willing to help.

In exchange we offer the possibility of being part of an innovative and stimulating reality for the realization of projects of social utility.

If you find yourself in one of the profiles you are looking for, send an email to  with your CV specifying the profile of interest in the subject.

Even if you are not part of any of the proposed profiles but you think you can help us, send your CV anyway: we will be happy to evaluate it and give you an answer as soon as possible.