How to donate?

Interested in donating? You can contribute in two ways: 1) by supporting an existing project (see the list of available projects in the Helpyness website), or generically 2) by donation to the Helpyness charity org, eventually with a specific motivation from your side.

In both cases, you can donate via PayPal and/or Bank Transfer. Helpyness will not make any profit, and it will only retain the minimum amount of 5% to cover the expenses and PayPal transaction fees, as usual. At campaign closure, Helpyness will transfer the collected money to the beneficiaries.


Helpyness is rigorously no-profit, and will manage with care and transparently all donations with the ultimate goal to maximize the benefits for the social projects activated in the Helpyness portal. We are very respectful of the contributions from each donor, and are committed to guarantee a growing level of security and trust that is essential to support a genuine collaboration and common sense of solidarity among the communities across the globe. If you want to contribute also with your help, and support our charity org, you can contact us and offer your time: we always need for the precious help of volunteering people, e.g., by translating our portal in further languages, or increasing Helpyness reach-out in social networks to amplify our messages!

Please feel free to contact us at

Thanks in advance for your support!

Your Helpyness Team