This document is prepared in first form by the founding members and in subsequent revisions by the Board of Directors with its own resolution. These Regulations govern the functioning and action criteria of some Helpyness bodies (the Association) which, within the scope of the association’s objectives and purposes, carry out the functions of selecting Projects and allocating the resources that will be promoted sponsorship as well as the activities of production and use of the Works. All terms written with a capital letter have the meaning attributed to them in the Terms of Use and legal notes.


FUNCTIONS AND OBJECTIVES Pursuant to Article 19 of the Statute, the Association has an internal management and decision-making body called Board of Directors which has various executive tasks of asset management, including that of identifying the items of expenditure for the management of revenues from the sale of Works and the payment of membership fees or other liberal contributions. COMPOSITION President: Dario Sabella Vice-President: Maurizio Bulgarini Tresurer and Secretary: Katia Croveri


FUNCTIONS AND OBJECTIVES Pursuant to Article 6 of the Statute, the Association has an internal deliberative body called the Executive Committee which has the task of (i) selecting the sponsorship proposals of the Projects, (ii) verifying the transparency and reliability requirements of the Projects , (iii) find consistency with the objectives of the Association, (iv) monitor the Project in its executive phases, (v) promote the participation of users.. COMPOSITION The Executive Committee is elected by the Board of Directors, and also provides for other members and any external consultants. It is currently composed of: Dario Sabella (for the management of external relations, with associations and institutions, artistic direction), Maurizio Bulgarini (for the management of the website, databases and users, artistic direction), Katia Croveri (for the management financial and expenses) and Danilo Severina (external consultant for the management of the website). OPERATIONS The Executive Committee meets once or twice a year, through physical meetings and / or by audio conference or video conference. Decisions are taken by majority according to the criteria indicated in the Statute, and the minutes drawn up, stored and made available to the shareholders. The annual report is also published on the website to ensure maximum transparency in the use of resources.


It is a central body of Helpyness activities, and consists in judging the proposing projects before publication on the Helpyness website. It serves as a screening body, to protect users who will be donors, and in the interest of the success of the proposed initiatives. The Advisory Board is composed of the Executive Committee, plus other external members selected by virtue of their specific skills, knowledge, or their experience. The composition of the Advisory Board (or rather of some external members of it) may vary from project to project, as the nature of each project may be different (and therefore specific skills may be required from time to time, which are provided using of external consultants).


It is a vital organ for the functioning of Helpyness, as the platform lives thanks to the level of "digital reputation" it enjoys. The staff takes care of the online presence of the site, as well as press releases, newsletters, announcements on social networks. The role of staff manager is covered by Maurizio Bulgarini.